The Take 5! Approach

Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building: A Promising Innovation in Social-Emotional Learning

Take 5! is a strengths-based, asset-building approach to self-regulation and social-emotional learning. It’s a hands-on practical approach that helps children and youth thrive, growing essential capacities for learning, mental wellness, healthy relationships and lifelong development.

Drawing on leading edge knowledge and practice foundations in each of these areas, key insights are synthesized into a unified ‘hands-on’ approach that’s easily understood and put into practice by parents, educators and other human service professionals. Best of all, it’s a simple framework that kids can make their own.

Take 5! offers a practical asset-oriented framework for growing self-regulation capacities in children, youth, and adults alike. It’s a strengths-based approach that integrates five essential building blocks for self-regulation:

BE HERE                    Mindful Awareness Assets

BE WITH                    Interpersonal Effectiveness Assets

BE CALM                    Emotion Regulation Assets

BE STRONG               Resilience & Thriving Assets

BE CHANGE              Connectedness & Contribution Assets.

Infographic - FINAL

Click here to download the Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building Infographic.