Take 5! Self-Reg

Why is self-regulation generating so much attention these days?

Well, for one thing, we know that self-reg skills are essential for learning. Recent research shows a significant gain in academic achievement for students who grow their capacities for self-regulation and social/emotional learning.

Self-reg skills also have a significant impact on resilience and thriving. Again, research demonstrates that with strong self-regulation capacities young people are better prepared to meet life's challenges and rise to life's opportunities.

Self-reg makes a difference. With enhanced self-regulation capacities, kids are better equipped to meet the present moment. And the future.

Healthy lives start with healthy minds

Mental health is a growing concern among professionals who support young people.

The self-reg skills promoted by the Take 5! approach offer a practical response to the mental health challenges facing young people today, including anxiety and experiences of trauma.

They include practices known to be preventive and therapeutic, while fostering resilience and healthy development in all young people, including kids- and youth-at-risk.

Take 5! integrates research and practice protocols developed by influential leaders in mental health and human development, including Dan Siegel, Marsha Linehan, Robert Kegan and Ken Wilber.

Five self-reg assets that everyone needs

Self-reg assets are building blocks for learning, mental wellness, healthy relationships and life-long development. The five core assets are:

BE HERE                 Mindful Awareness Assets

BE WITH                 Interpersonal Effectiveness Assets

BE CALM                 Emotion Regulation Assets

BE STRONG            Resilience & Thriving Assets

BE CHANGE           Connectedness & Contribution Assets

The idea is simple: everyone needs self-reg assets. The more assets a young person has, the more chances that he or she will thrive ... even in difficult circumstances.