Learn more about Take 5!

A 2-page document that provides a brief overview of Take 5!, ideal for sharing with others: Take 5! A Hands-On Approach to Social-Emotional Learning

10 Key Questions and 10 Key Messages begins with a provocative proposition: What if students had a practical tool for social and emotional learning - a tool that is with them 24 hours a day?

Take 5! Starter Kit Sampler offers an overview of the Take 5! approach, along with some sample activities for engaging students in early childhood settings and in elementary classrooms:

A 4-page document that introduces Take 5! as a practical tool for responding to trauma and ACEs: Take 5! for Trauma and ACEs

Take 5! and Transformative SEL is a brief backgrounder that explains how Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building contributes to emerging SEL objectives related to equity and social justice.

Take 5! offers educators a sequential and flexible approach to social and emotional learning. Here's the Take 5! Scope and Sequence

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