Take 5! Institute

Our Mission

We are committed to enhancing self-regulation capacity in children, youth, and the adults that support them, by offering training and ongoing support to professionals implementing Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building in classrooms and other community settings.


Our Vision

A future in which all children, youth, and adults can THRIVE, encouraged and supported to grow into their potential and live their purpose ... even when life brings experiences of adversity and trauma.


What We Offer

Take 5! Institute offers professional development and capacity-building support for professionals that work with children, youth and families, including classroom teachers, educational assistants, counselors and administrators, SEL (social & emotional learning) coordinators, child and youth workers, mental health professionals, and social service providers. Take 5! also offers effective skill-building tools for professionals supporting youth who are engaged with the justice system.

Take 5! integrates important insights from neuroscience, psychology and social & emotional learning, offering a hands-on practical approach to SEL and self-regulation that is easy to learn and easy to teach. Professional development training is supplemented by a range of take-away resources that help you launch and sustain self-reg asset-building activities in organizational and other community settings.

For further information, see Professional Development.