Professional Development

Take 5! Institute offers training and ongoing support for the individuals and organizations that work with children, youth, and families in diverse settings, including classroom teachers, counselors and administrators, child and youth workers, early child educators, mental health professionals and social service providers, as well as those supporting youth who are engaged with the justice system.

With an initial training workshop, you’re ready to introduce Take 5! to the young people in your classroom or other community setting, and to share challenges, successes and insights with your colleagues. There’s no need for certification, nor a need to invest in additional curricular resources. All that’s needed is a commitment to learn, and to share that learning with the people in your circle of influence.

Take 5! Institute offers two ways to begin learning about the Take 5! approach:

  1. Take 5! to Thrive provides a basic foundation, preparing educators and other professionals to introduce the Take 5! approach within classrooms and other community settings.
  2. Take 5! for ACEs and Trauma introduces Take 5! as a practical approach that integrates trauma-responsive practice with everyday social-emotional learning and self-regulation asset-building.

Of course, many professionals will want to engage in deeper learning. And they will want to share the Take 5! approach with their colleagues and community. So we offer in-depth training and ongoing support for people who want to help build solid practice foundations in their professional and community setting:

  1. Take 5! for Team Leaders is the next-level training for professionals who want to deepen their learning and practice. It will be especially helpful for those who play a leadership role in their school or other professional setting.


Take 5! Training Opportunities



1. Take 5! to Thrive – a Hands-On Introduction to Take 5! Self-Reg Asset Building

Training Includes:

  • 6 hours of training for individuals, school-based teams, district-based teams and/or multidisciplinary professional groups.
  • Take 5! Introductory Primer – an in-depth introduction to the Take 5! assets, as well as the principles and hands-on practices that guide Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building.
  • Take 5! Starter Kit for Educators – the kit includes posters and other visuals, as well as practical tools and learning activities.


2. Take 5! for ACEs & Trauma – Responding to Trauma, Promoting Thriving


LEVEL ONE:  Take 5! A Trauma-Responsive Approach to Social-Emotional Learning

  • 6 hours of training for school-based teams, district-based teams, and/or multidisciplinary professional groups
  • Take 5! Introductory Primer
  • Resource Binder: Take 5! for Trauma and Thriving


LEVEL TWO: Take 5! to Boost Resilience & Thriving

Prerequisite: Take 5! For ACEs & Trauma, Level One

  • 6 hours of training for school-based teams, district-based teams, and/or multidisciplinary professional groups
  • Focus on promoting resilience & thriving, integrating principles and practices from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Resources to add to binder
  • Post-training consultation and mentoring


3. Take 5! for Team Leaders

Prerequisites: Take 5! To Thrive and Take 5! For ACEs and Trauma (Level 1)

This training provides:

  • 18 hours of in-person training
  • Access to additional modules of on-line training
  • Post-training consultation and mentoring
  • Participation in a collaborative learning community
  • Supports the work of school-based lead teams, school-district mentoring teams, and leaders/mentors in other professional contexts