Professional Development


All professional development training sessions are offered in-person and / or via ZOOM.

Now that we can once again consider gathering together in groups, we are happy to offer in-person training in your home community. We will also continue to offer on-line training as well, with Zoom as a reliable platform. With a range of flexible options, our objective is to continue to serve educators and other professionals who want to learn more about Take 5! and how it can support and enhance their work with children, youth, and families.

“This was by far the most engaging and valuable conference I have attended via Zoom. The flow of the conference, shifting delivery, large group feedback and breakout rooms made it easy to be on Zoom for 2 days. There was always a lot of time to taste, examine and experience the tools and it did not feel rushed or like it was dragging on. The topic is first and forefront in the work that I do with children and families. The information provided pulled together many helpful resources and approaches and it reignited the passion within myself and has refocused my energy to ‘Knowing, Growing and Flowing' the 5 assets with the individuals I work with. I appreciate walking away with many new tools and a user-friendly framework to reference.”

Participant in the Take 5! to Thrive on-line training session sponsored by NANA in Prince George, British Columbia

INTRODUCTION TO TAKE 5!                                                                                                                                                                          A one-hour introductory on-line session gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn more about the Take 5! approach, and to explore practical ways to introduce it in age- and developmentally-appropriate ways, beginning in the early years, and continuing through elementary, middle school, and high school. This webinar is ideal for organizations considering Take 5! as a resource to expand and enhance their current approach to social and emotional learning.

TAKE 5! FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:                                                                                                                          Take 5! Institute offers training and ongoing support for individuals and organizations that work with children, youth, and families in diverse settings, including classroom teachers, counselors and administrators, child and youth workers, early childhood educators, mental health professionals and social service providers, as well as those supporting youth who are engaged with the justice system.

With an initial training workshop, you’re ready to begin introducing Take 5! to the young people in your classroom or other community setting, and to share challenges, successes and insights with your colleagues. There’s no need for certification, nor a need to invest in additional curricular resources. All that’s needed is a commitment to learn, and to share that learning with the people in your circle of influence.

Take 5! Training Opportunities: Find the Right Fit for Your Team 

Take 5! Institute offers diverse ways to learn about the Take 5! approach, and put it into practice with children of any age:

1.     Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building: Getting Started                                                                                                   6 hours

This training prepares educators and other professionals to introduce Take 5! in classrooms and other community settings, and to integrate Take 5! with everyday social and emotional learning (SEL) activities.

Takeaway resources include:

a)  Take 5! A Practical Primer - an in-depth introduction to the core Take 5! assets, as well as the principles and hands-on practices that guide Take   5! Self-Reg Asset-Building.

b)  Take 5! Starter Kit - a user-friendly resource featuring practical tools and learning activities that help to grow the five self-reg assets: BE HERE, BE WITH, BE CALM, BE STRONG and BE CHANGE.

         c)  Self-Compassion Activity Kit - a companion to the Take 5! Starter Kit, full of fun and engaging activities.

2.     Take 5! and Trauma

ACEs and trauma are increasingly on the minds of educators and other professionals that support children and families. Research shows that people who have experienced trauma often have self-regulation deficits. But we also know that children can thrive ... even when trauma is part of the picture.

We offer two levels of Take 5! training that prepare professionals to integrate Take 5! into their current approach to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practice.

2.1 Take 5! for ACEs and Trauma: An Introduction                                                                                         6 hours

Take 5! integrates trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practice with everyday social and emotional learning.

This one-day learning event explores Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other trauma triggers through the lens of self-regulation and self-reg asset-building. It introduces Take 5! as a practical approach to SEL that helps to buffer and prevent the effects of trauma, and to promote thriving.

This training draws on up-to-date research in the field of trauma, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and collective trauma. Working with Take 5! A Practical Primer and the Take 5! Starter Kit, participants gain practical experience with the Take 5! approach, and with asset-building activities that strengthen trauma-responsive practice in classrooms and other community settings.

2.2 Take 5! to Boost Your Trauma-Responsive Practice                                                                                     12 hours

This training is offered to professionals who are already integrating Take 5! into their work with children and families, and want to expand their toolkit of trauma-responsive practices.

The Take 5! approach is grounded in trans-disciplinary research and evidence-based practice in neuroscience, psychology, trauma studies and health promotion. This "next level" training will deepen knowledge of the causes and impacts of trauma, and the role of self-regulation in promoting health, well-being and healthy development ... even when trauma is part of one's life experience.

The training curriculum includes:

    • An in-depth inquiry into the dysregulating effects of trauma, and its impact on healthy human development.
    • A salutogenic, or health-generating, approach to SEL that responds to the effects of trauma and, at the same time, promotes wellness.
    • Practical integration of evidence-based principles and practices into everyday SEL activities, including Dan Siegel's work with Interpersonal Neurobiology and Marsha Linehan's work with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
    • An exploration of the dynamic interconnections between trauma, shame and self-compassion, with practical tools for engaging self-compassion as an antidote to shame.

Pre-requisite: Participants in this training session will have completed an introductory Take 5! training:

2.1 Take 5! for ACEs and Trauma: An Introduction OR

3. Take 5! to Thrive ... even when life brings adversity

3.      Take 5! to Thrive ... even when life brings adversity                                                                                               12 hours

This comprehensive and interactive training introduces the basic foundations and activities of Take 5!, as an easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach resource that integrates trauma-responsive practice with everyday social and emotional learning (SEL). As a participant in this training session, you will:

    • Learn the basics of Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building;
    • Practice working with tools and activities that promote thriving and help to buffer and prevent the adverse effects of ACEs and trauma;
    • Explore ways to integrate the Take 5! approach with other resources in your SEL and trauma-responsive practices toolkit.

Working with Take 5! A Practical Primer and the Take 5! Starter Kit, participants gain practical experience with the Take 5! approach. And, with a spacious 2-day window for learning and practice activities, there will be lots of time for discussion and hands-on exploration of Take 5! practices & activities that promote resilience and thriving.

NOTE: This training combines the curriculum and practice focus of two learning events listed above:

    • Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building: Getting Started and
    • Take 5! for ACEs and Trauma: An Introduction